Friday, 23 January 2009

Iv been tagged by Val & also by Joanne

This pic is what I came onto. folder 6 and picture 6
Please feel free to take it and use.
Ok here is the instructions as I have now been tagged I will tag 5 people. You go to your pictures folder number 6 and find picture number 6
You then post it on your blog and tell the people you tag to do the same.leave there link for them to tag 5 more heres mine below


sarah seaman said...

wow well done sue and fanks for tagging me too, gonna go and find me picture sarah xxxx

crafting diva said...

Hi Sue well done on your awards I have left something on my blog for you hope you don't mind?

Lorraine Robertson said...

Ooh honey thank you for thinking of me... need to rummage the pic files now to see what I have to post...

Lorraine xxx